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Control Systems – Bakshi

499.00 399.00
Author : U.A.Bakshi, V.U.Bakshi Publisher : Technical

Digital Logic Circuits –

375.00 299.00
Number Systems and Digital Logic Families Combinational Circuits Synchronous Sequential Circuits Asynchronous Sequential Circuits and Programmable Logic Devices VHDL Fourth , by A.P.Godse, D.A.Godse

Digital Logic Circuits –

285.00 229.00
Author          C.Ravichandran, M.Arulaalan Publisher     ARS

Electrical Machines Ii –

365.00 299.00
Synchronous Generator Synchronous Motor Three Phase Induction Motor Starting and Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Single Phase Induction Motors and Special Machines Third , by U.A.Bakshi, M.V.Bakshi

Electromagnetic Theory –

430.00 349.00
Electrostatics - I Electrostatics - II Magnetostatics Electrodynamic Fields Electromagnetic Waves 1st edition, by U. A. Bakshi, A. V. Bakshi

Electronic Devices & Circuits –

385.00 309.00
Semiconductor Diode Bipolar Junction Field Effect Transistors Special Semiconductor Devices Power Devices and Display Devices 1st edition, by U.A.Bakshi, A.P.Godse

Electronic Devices And Circuits –

170.00 139.00
Author           N.Balasaraswathi Publisher     ARS

Environmental Science And Engineering –

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Environment, Ecosystems and Biodiversity Environmental Pollution Natural Resources Social Issues and the Environment Human Population and the Environment 1st edition, by Anjali Bagad

Environmental Science And Engineering –

265.00 219.00
Author      ANJALI BAGAD Publisher      Technical  

Environmental Science And Engineering –

180.00 149.00
Author      T.Jani Subha,B.V.Vibala Publisher      Charulatha

Environmentalscience And Engineering Prabhu Devarathinam –

250.00 199.00
Author          Prabhu Devarathinam Publisher     ARS

Flexible Ac Transmission Systems –

170.00 139.00
Author          Ravichandran Publisher     Lakshmi

High Voltage Engineering –

185.00 149.00
Author          M. JeraldinAhila Publisher     Lakshmi

Linear Integrated Circuits And Applications –

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IC Fabrication Characteristics of Op-amp Applications of Op-amp Special ICs Application ICs

Linear Integrated Circuits And Applications –

210.00 169.00
Author           C.Ravichandran Publisher     ARS

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems –

280.00 229.00
Author          Thiyagarajan Publisher     Lakshmi

Power Electronics –

290.00 239.00
Author          Ravichandran Publisher     Lakshmi

Power Electronics –

220.00 179.00
Author          A.Albert Martin Ruban, N.Hemavathi, N.Rajeswari Publisher     ARS

Power Electronics –

440.00 349.00
Power Semi-conductor Devices Phase-controlled Converters DC to DC Converter Inverters AC to AC Converters 1st Edition, by Dr. J.S.CHITODE

Power Quality –

240.00 199.00
Author          Ravichandran Publisher     Lakshmi